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Bone Grafting Barrie, ON

Bone Grafting by Huronia Oral Surgery Group in Barrie, Ontario

Bone Grafting

If you lose teeth, your jawbone no longer gets the daily stimulation that those teeth provided. Without this stimulation, new bone cells are not created and your body begins to reabsorb the bone. This can also occur if periodontitis is present as bone loss is a side effect of this advanced form of gum disease. Regardless of the reason, any type of bone loss eventually causes your face to start to take on a different look. This is the look that the elderly are so commonly known for, the "sagging look," giving your face a sunken-in appearance.

The largest problem with bone loss is the inability to place dental implants to replace the missing teeth. If dental implants are not an option, you are generally left with dentures as your only choice. Today's technology has made it possible for us to help your bone grow back, allowing you to avoid any change to your facial features. Bone grafting can make you a candidate for dental implants and enhance your overall oral health.

In certain circumstances, bone grafting is also needed for jaw deformities. These deformities could be something you were born with, the result of an injury or a side effect of the presence of tumors in the jaw. There are several major bone grafting procedures that can be performed, including sinus lift, ridge expansion and ridge augmentation.

How Is Bone Grafting Performed?

Bone grafting is a procedure completed right in the office. We start by gaining access to your existing bone by creating an incision in the gums. Once access has been made, the graft is attached to the bone. The graft may come from you (your hip, jaw or tibia), a donor, or it might even be synthetic. Once the graft is placed, your gums are stitched up and the process of building new bone begins.

Bone Grafting Procedures

In addition to making a patient eligible for dental implants, bone grafting can be used to treat jaw deformities or to help correct other issues, such as a falling sinus cavity or loss of ridge height.
•  Sinus Lift/Ridge Augmentation — When the sinus wall is not sufficient enough to have adequate bone to hold a dental implant, a sinus lift is needed. During the procedure, the sinuses are lifted and a bone graft is added to support the lift, known as the ridge augmentation. The floor of the sinus cavity is the roof of the upper jaw, which then becomes the support for future implants. Once the bone begins to grow back and the sinus cavity is healed, the implants can be placed in the newly grown bone.
•  Ridge Expansion — When ridge height is lost due to bone re-absorption, an expansion is needed. The expansion helps to build up the bone and widen the jaw ridge, enabling you to be a candidate for dental implants.

Knowing What to Expect

Bone grafting is performed in the office under local anesthesia. In some cases IV sedation can be used as well. After the surgery, you may feel some discomfort and minor swelling in the area of the incision. In general, over-the-counter ibuprofen and the application of a cold compress or ice can help to minimize these issues. After a day or two you will be completely recovered from the procedure and your bone will continue to grow back over the next few months. Once the area is completely healed, you will be able to receive dental implants, providing you with the stimulation your jawbone needs to continue to create new bone cells and stay strong.
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